Published by Micro:bit Educational Foundation, Micro:bit is a learning and entertainment application for all ages. It is also a kind of mini pocket computer allowing to code games, animations, etc., alone or in association with other devices.

Micro:bit, to learn while having fun

This easy to download application has the particularity of allowing the coder to see what the project will look like while programming. So you can create games on your smartphone, then transfer them to your micro:bit to start playing, without wires or cables. You can also take a selfie by connecting your mobile device and use your micro:bit as a remote control. One of the code editors allows users to program using blocks (similar to Scratch) or JavaScript.

You can also code it to wake up and warn you when you receive a message or a call. The application is very diverse and can be used for a wide variety of projects. These include controlling LED lights, programming a system that sets off an alarm when plants need water, etc. It is also possible to use an external device with online programs to learn more about game design. This solution is therefore aimed at all programming amateurs and professionals.

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