NETGEAR Insight is an application used in network management. It has been developed by It is only compatible with the devices of the same brand. It can be used on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

What are the features of NETGEAR Insight?

NETGEAR Insight only works on specific branded devices. It is advisable to consider the part number of your devices. There are those that are not associable. It manages the network devices by switching to the Cloud environment. It is possible to mention the routers and the Wifi access points. A few clicks will be enough to administer all the devices of the manufacturer. It detects the devices and makes the necessary settings for their operation. All devices on the network are visible on the screen. It features landscape mode to facilitate reading information in a tablet.

After downloading NETGEAR Insight, the user will need to create an Insight account. The application will then take care of all the instruments such as sensors for you. With the program, you will be able to detect errors in the network with its checker. In case of an error, it will send a notification. The message informs the user about the events that could lead to a failure. The network manager can then perform a quick troubleshooting. It also allows you to reconfigure the preset parameters. NETGEAR Insight can be accessed regardless of your location. It offers remote access.

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