BoxToGo is a FRITZ!Box control tool to remotely manage your calls, contacts, Wi-Fi connections, as well as powering off or on your devices. The main advantage of BoxToGo is that it can support multiple FRITZ!Boxes at the same time.

Functionality and features

Once BoxToGo is installed on the smartphone, it must be associated with the FRITZ!Box's Wifi network by allowing it to be located in the background of the FRITZ!Box. If you use several boxes, you can do the same. The connection is easily made with the instructions of the configuration wizard. All the functions of the FRITZ!Box can be accessed remotely. The interface can be set to light or dark colours and is ergonomic and accessible. In no time at all, the tool supports call, voice and fax notifications as well as call logs. We particularly appreciate the dialling assistant and the reverse search which allows to identify the name of the caller. Administering your Wifi, such as activating and deactivating it or managing guest access, is practical. It also allows you to limit Internet access for children. Finally, with Smart home, you can manage your heating thermostats, blinds and lights, or turn your box(es) off and on.

This application developed by almisoft is only compatible with Android devices. You can download it for free via Google Play, and then upgrade it to a paid pro version. Apple iOS, PC or Windows Phone are not supported and are not expected to be in the future.

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