Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey is an application available on many devices, including Google Play and Apple Store. It is a free game published by Rovio that you can easily download on mobile.

Birds that break everything

In this puzzle game, you have to use a slingshot to send different types of birds, each of them having its own power. You have to destroy the scenery, but above all, you have to get rid of the green pigs, the birds' enemies, who feed on their eggs. However, this application also offers many novelties among the previous titles of the license. For example, you have to collect fireflies in the different levels, but you can also play with new birds, in addition to the existing ones.

Once you have downloaded this free game, you can rack your brains to complete over a hundred levels. This will not only allow you to discover the history of the Wonder-Eggs, but also to discover places that are more exotic than the others. Finally, by completing each level while achieving the highest score, you can unlock numerous rewards. This allows you to play it in a totally relaxed way, just following the story, or to face a real challenge by unlocking all the rewards.

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