IP Cam Viewer Basic

Developed by Robert Chou, the IP Cam Viewer Basic application is mainly used to remotely control your IP cameras, network video recorders or webcams. Available for free, it allows you to keep a constant eye on your home.

Control all your cameras remotely with IP Cam Viewer Basic

Dedicated to security, the application provides enhanced surveillance for your home. After downloading IP Cam Viewer Basic on your phone or tablet, you can remotely access all your IP cameras, DVRs and webcams through the internet. IP Cam Viewer Basic can be controlled on several smartphones or tablets at the same time and is compatible with a multitude of connected camera brands.

In addition, many features are available including audio listening, zooming or video recording. It is also possible to film instantly or to emit a sound when motion is detected. You can even activate the email notification option to be alerted. Another important advantage is that the user can manage several cameras connected simultaneously via this application. IP Cam Viewer Basic also allows you to display the image from the surveillance system as a widget on the phone's home screen or to hear the audio even when the phone is locked.

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