Lightleap by Lightricks

In the past, the quality of photos depended mainly on the quality of the camera. But for quite some time now, every photo enthusiast can improve the quality of their shots with a dedicated application like Lightleap by Lightricks. What are the features of this application?

Lightleap by Lightricks: an editing application for photos

Developed by Lightricks, Lightleap is a real photo editing tool. It allows you to obtain very good quality photos without having any professional skills. Lightricks has used the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to develop an effective tool to immortalize its various passions with perfect shots. Lightleap by Lightricks has many features.

  • Sky control
    This feature of Lightleap by Lightricks allows you to transform the sky in a few seconds and choose from multiple skies offered (daytime vigor, dawn hues, desert night, colored sunsets and well). It allows you to color the sky, add clouds or even move them to get a windy impression.
  • Filters
    Lightleap by Lightricks includes many filters (black and white, hot, fade, urban and many others). The intensity of the filters can also be adjusted on the image. You can get any effect you want with this feature.
  • Stain
    This function allows you to remove background stains, unwanted people and retouch the image. It can also be used to remove elements in the foreground.
  • Effects
    Lightleap by Lightricks offers tons of special effects to perfect your image with the possibility of superimposing the effects to optimize the quality of the photo. You can also modify the weather effects and add seasonal themes.
  • Views
    This function allows you to modify the atmosphere of the photo in a single click like a professional. It also offers the possibility to customize with designer editor looks its signature style for its Instagram feeds. Lightleap by Lightricks also allows batch processing on mobile to save time.

Lightleap by Lightricks is available on Android and iOS. You just need to download it to enjoy it. It is not available on Windows PC. But it can be downloaded and installed on Windows PC using an emulator.

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