Rock Identifier

Published by Next Vision Limited, Rock Identifier: Stone ID is a utility that helps you learn more about your geological environment. Available for Android and iOS, but not for Windows PC, the tool identifies your rocks from a photo or downloaded image.

Rock Identifier: Stone ID, your geologist at your fingertips

Rock Identifier: Stone ID allows you to take a picture of any rock (crystal, gemstone, etc.) and get an instant accurate identification. You can identify and learn about any rock you find. To do so, you just have to take a picture or upload it. The tool will then run through its databases and compare it all. The process usually takes a few seconds. It allows you to explore your geological environment, learn about different rocks and participate in the natural world.

You can also save all your favorite geological observations in the rock collection area of the utility. You can also create your own digital rock collection. If you have found a nice rock, you can save it to your collection. This will save you the trouble of searching for rocks in the database again. The app has a simple and minimalist interface, so you can focus on the options and not on the design. Rock Identifier: Stone ID also allows you to discover which rocks are currently trending. The database contains a large number of gems and other rough stones that exist all over the world.

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