Movescount (Suunto)

Suunto Movescount is the application that allows you to join an online sports community to record and share your online experiences. The application gives you the possibility to easily follow your last race, your last bike ride, your last hike or your other sports activities wherever you are.

Movescount, a sport tracker now part of the Suunto brand

Formerly known as Movescount, the sports app has evolved into Suunto. But the goals of the platform have remained the same with some notable evolutions. Movescount allows you to visually enrich your moments of sports relaxation. Then you can relive and share your adventures to animate your move account. Just like the old version, the application allows you in detail to :

  • Follow your sports activities on your phone with precise data: speed, distance, route, calories burned;
  • Take pictures during your hike, indicating your position, the distance you've covered and other data;
  • Track heart rate and calories burned with the Suunto Smart Sensor or other Bluetooth® Smart compatible heart rate monitors;
  • Create a Suunto Movie (small animations that show the sports activities recorded on the platform) of your move with a 3D map, key measurements, and photos;
  • Use Suunto Movescount App on your smartphone to synchronize your moves in real time on

The app can be paired with Suunto watches from the Spartan, Suunto Ambit3 or Traverse range. The Suunto Movescount app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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