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Air Navigation Pro is an application specially created to facilitate the work of individual and professional (VFR) pilots, as well as air fleet managers. It assists pilots and allows them to plan, track or modify flights and manage them in real time.

Manage your flights and your fleet in real time

Are you a professional fleet manager? With Air Navigation Pro, planning your flights, managing everything and helping your pilots and making their work easier will be child's play for you from now on. Are you a professional pilot or an individual pilot? Your work will be all planned and easier thanks to the waypoints and aeronautical charts accessible in one click on the application. You can modify planned flights by searching on the moving map or based on waypoint databases.

You also have maximum visibility of geo-referenced aeronautical charts from around the world, as well as approach charts also available in 3D, so you know exactly where to land and take off. Air navigation Pro can be installed on your PC, under any recent Windows system. As well as on your Mac, under Ios, your tablet, or your Smartphone. You can download it from the official website. Otherwise, if you are the head of a large fleet, for the subscriptions, you have the choice between Basic, Standard, or Premium national subscriptions.

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