DS cam

The evolution of video surveillance techniques has already led to the release of several remote control applications such as the famous DS Cam. Discover in this article a complete description of the technical characteristics of this application.

DS Cam, advanced surveillance management

The DS Cam application developed by Synology is an excellent remote monitoring software. It is the mobile extension of Surveillance Station that allows you to manage your video surveillance system on the go. It allows you to have perfect control over your IP cameras in real time with its smart features such as PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) controls. With its advanced filters, you can easily highlight a specific event within a large list of recordings. DS Cam allows you to receive alert notifications from all your cameras configured on a Synology DiskStation, no matter where you are.

Record Instantly with No Storage Limitations

With a fast and efficient connection system managed by Synology QuickConnect, the DS Cam application allows you to stream live video. With the entire system connected to a Synology NAS, the DS Cam provides simultaneous display and storage of the video stream. Depending on your needs, you can opt for accelerated streaming. This streaming mode allows you to take advantage of a time compression factor to generate a shorter version, which is only a few minutes or even seconds long, of a long video.

How do I download and use DS Cam for PC / Mac?

To take advantage of this application, simply download and install it on your mobile device (iPhone, Android and computer) after configuring the entire system. But, how do you do it? Whether on Windows or Mac the procedure remains the same. As the application is intended for Smartphones, you necessarily need an Android emulator such as BlueStacks App Player. Once the emulator is installed, you will be able to run DS Cam on your PC or Mac.

What to remember? With Synology's DS Cam app, you can now manage your video surveillance system remotely from your smartphone and record a video stream instantly. So don't hesitate to download this application from Play Store and App Store.

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