Lifesum is a health application designed to help users track their eating and physical habits. Lifesum faithfully accompanies you like a sports coach in your efforts to keep in shape.

The wellness app that helps you to eat healthily

Lifesum is a mobile application to reshape your diet, whether you want to lose weight or become a keto. Whatever your dietary restrictions, it allows you to easily track calories and focus on the changes you want to make. Lifesum helps you track your diet and exercise to help you live a healthier life and achieve your fitness goals. You add your personal data, your calorie intake (the application can also help you calculate calories based on your goals). In detail, Lifesum can help you to :

  • Find a nutritious diet adapted to your lifestyle and food preferences;
  • Choose and benefit from a tailor-made program to achieve your goals;
  • Follow a 7 to 21 day diet program and enjoy 4 pre-planned recipes per day;
  • Enjoy hundreds of recipes with all the nutritional values you need;
  • Follow your activities and your diet using our food and exercise counters;
  • Identify your food with this super easy to use barcode scanner;...

Lifesum offers unique assessments to help users evaluate their health status and offer advice on how they can become healthier.

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