MyOpel is an application for Opel drivers. It is developed and published by Opel Automobile GmbH. It is designed to improve the user's driving expression and Opel ownership. Its functionalities are categorized in the classes "connected via Bluetooth" and "not connected".

An application with or without a connection

MyOpel is an application with functions providing an overview of driving data and routes, with Bluetooth connection. This includes the dashboard, vehicle alerts, fuel consumption and fuel level. With the last miles guidance function, navigation continues to the destination once the car is parked. Simply download the appropriate version to a Windows PC or Android device to enjoy it.

MyOpel is an application with lots of useful information at your fingertips, without a connection. Examples include quick access to the dashboard and vehicle management in a garage. There is also the viewing of videos related to the security and infotainment system. With this tool, you can share the location of a parked vehicle. It is even possible to find local dealers, contact Opel and request service through this app. News and updates are also possible.

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