Linkedin is the official application of the social network of the same name intended for professional networking. The application allows worker and employer members to create profiles and "connections" with others who have suffered social damage online which can represent real professional relationships.

LinkedIn, join the largest circle of professionals in the world

LinkedIn is the largest and most influential social network in the professional sphere. Unlike other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn is particularly useful for becoming a friend in the working environment and expanding your professional network. We use different people including employment, networking, recruiting, socializing and lobbying for business news. The LinkedIn app serves similar purposes.

The LinkedIn application behaves generously with a list of messages for the selection of voters to send a pre-mail, a place to enter a phone number and an option for CV telephone voting. The platform contains your LinkedIn feed with publications and articles from your relationships, groups and companies that live follow. You can even share it with others, even if you enter companies and people or not to get the same options as you. It provides updates on what's in your network, including job changes, work anniversaries, birthdays, pre- and post-meeting updates, and new articles that Connections have posted.

The LinkedIn application is available on Google Play or the App Store of voting mobile phones and concerning you voting on LinkedIn after voting on a device.

You want to download LinkedIn on Windows 10 ? Good news !

LinkedIn has already been published LinkedIn on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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