Planning Center Services

Planning Center Services is an online planning application that lets you manage your schedule or use your music player as a musician. This is the best way to access your Planning Center Services account on your iOS device.

Planning Center Services offers a multitude of features

Planning Center is an online system for planning team members, organizing services and streamlining communication. If you are responsible for planning in a department or if you plan to maintain your personal and professional agenda or if you are a musician, the application has fascinating functions for you. Planning Center Services:

• Sends you planning request emails with options to allow you to log in at any time to manage your schedule;

• Helps you update your email address, password, profile picture or configure text messaging at any time from your profile page.

• Allows you to access your media player or to download audio files;

• Allows you to “scan” music with your camera and download it in PDF format if you want to add a file to your song or if you want to use text recognition to use the lyrics;

• Serves you as a church management system by scheduling services and audio recordings.

Planning Center Groups helps you organize and manage different types of activity and perfect your group management. It is used specifically to plan our worship services, organize music, manage and plan teams of volunteers.

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