DraStic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator, developed by Exophase, is an application that allows you to simulate a Nintendo DS console on your device. It allows you to play all the Nintendo DS games directly by loading the ROM of a DS game.

DraStic DS Emulator has multiple features

This emulator allows you to simulate the mythical Japanese console in better conditions. The graphics are much better than on the DS, allowing you to get at least two better graphics, by choosing the screen resolution yourself. Controllers, like the NVIDIA SHIELD for example, are fully supported by the application. While immersed in one of your favorite DS games, discover a very extensive list of cheat codes to optimize your experience with the emulator. In addition to the cheat codes, you have the possibility to increase the speed of the simulation to have even more fun during your game sessions. Finally, you have the possibility to save your games directly from your Google Drive online space.

In short, DraStic DS Emulator allows you to enjoy your favorite DS games from ROM's that you load directly on the application. You can download the emulator directly from the Play Store for Android but not yet on Windows for use on PC. If you are not convinced, a demo version can allow you to enter the DraStic DS Emulator experience.

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