Anime Digital Network (ADN)

Easily get and watch the best of Japanese movies directly on your Android smartphone, iPhone or Windows PC. Manga fanatics will love the Anime Digital Network application.

" Super ! A new film ! »

Anime Digital Network is an application where more than 280 Japanese movies are grouped together. Anime Digital Network derives from the two parent companies Kana Home Video and Kenzé. In order to have access to Japanese news or to watch your favorite movie again, you just have to download Anime Digital Network. Whether on mobile or pc, ADN offers VoD and simulcast viewing. Films and series are in VOSTFR or VF. Therefore, fans of Japanese cultures can easily enjoy the large videos put online on the platform.

The most cult series of the moment, an anime that we've been looking for a long time, our favorite movie, the envy of the moment, nothing escapes ADN. Moreover, all the anime are available in streaming. Indeed, you can either, instantly enter the website to watch the manga, movie or anime of your choice. Or, the choice to download an application for mobile or Windows PC. In all cases, the broadcast can be done simultaneously on two separate screens.

However, the user selects a subscription according to what he wants to watch. The platform exists to allow everyone to recognize the existence and quality of Japanese audiovisual products. Also, it tends to group films together so that interested parties can easily find or download them.

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