Pac-Man is a cult game invented in 1977 by Toru Iwatani. He originally created it to attract girls to video games. Now it has become a series of video games that consists of the character Pac-Man, located in a maze, having to eat pac-gummies (balls), dodging ghosts. The game developed by BANDAI NAMCO was, at the beginning, available at arcade terminals.

Pac-Man, a downloadable retro game

The Pac-Man game application can be downloaded for free from Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). And the latest version is even better! You have several mazes with sensational difficulties. You can disguise the characters as you like. Devour as many pac-gummies as you can to weaken the evil ghosts. You can also gobble them up.

In adventure mode, if you make it through with a time limit, you'll earn exclusive skins. With the Classic Arcade Edition in 8-BIT, you have the opportunity to practice with the original arcade cabinet and learn your skills in the Pac-Man game. Three tournaments are available per week to help you get the best score and reach the podium. There are three levels that you can complete at your convenience. Note that the Pac-Man game has been entered into the World Video Game of Fame since 2015!

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