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Flightradar24 is an application that lets you know what is happening to a particular plane. It is only fully functional in the paid versions compatible with the Android, iPhone, iPad and even Windows Phone platforms. The free version is quite limited in terms of search capabilities.

Flightradar24 allows you to obtain all the information concerning a particular plane which you wish to take or which transports a member of your family. The application uses a very simple approach: it receives flight data directly from aircraft. This is possible thanks to automatic dependence surveillance-broadcasting technology or the ADS-B cooperative surveillance system, which is used by the majority of modern aircraft. ADS-B is a relatively complex and sophisticated system that allows pilots to obtain the latest weather and terrain updates, or other information. Planes equipped with ADS-B obtain their position information from a GPS network and transmit their position information with a host of other data to ATC or any ADS-B receiver on the ground.

With flightradar24, you can "zoom in" on almost any airport and see all the planes on approach, in flight, on departure, etc. You can also "click" on specific flights and get information about them, where they're headed, what type of aircraft is flying, flight time, etc. When searching by flight number, the user can see the position of the aircraft in real time and for flights already carried out (detailed statistics), including flight parameters at any point on the route .

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