Cookeo (Moulinex)

The Moulinex Cookeo application is a program designed to help you discover numerous recipes and assist users in their creation. Planned for Moulinex Cookeo users, it already has several hundred thousand users who use the iPad and iPhone to overcome the challenges of multi-cooker use.

Why use the My Cookeo application?

Cookeo is an application dedicated to Moulinex Cookeo users who want to be accompanied in the success of their dishes. The program gives them access to a world where they can alternate between more than 500 recipes proposed by chefs while benefiting from tips for cooking them perfectly. In the application, the recipes are classified by type of dish, by theme, by cooking time or by family of ingredients to help users find them better or classify them according to their preferences. Users also have the opportunity to give their opinion on the recipes by commenting on them, evaluating them or submitting proposals for improvement.

The latest updates to the application have made it possible to further customize the kitchen side dish options. For example, it is now possible for My Cookeo users to sort their favourite recipes into pre-named address books. In addition, they can select the "recipe of the day" from suggestions on a daily basis and set a weekly or monthly schedule. Cookeo is only available in the App Store for iOS devices where it can be downloaded free of charge. The application is also compatible with Android but not yet available on Windows.

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