Schoology is a social networking service and virtual learning environment for schools and higher education institutions. In October 2019, studies revealed that it is one of the most widely used academic applications with more than 60,000 schools affected.

A bridge between teachers, students and their parents

Schoology is a learning application for schools that can be driven by teachers and parents. This means that teachers can publish lesson plans, assignments, tests, discussions and more on the platform for students to view and complete. They can also manage the homework calendar, publish daily reminders or updates and send messages to their parents. The purpose of the application is to enable users to create, manage and share academic content between students and teachers.

In order to use the application, an account must be created by the student's parent for students in the lower level. Once parents have created an account on the application, they can also use the Schoology application to track their children's work and grades. Students are not required to use the Schoology application on their personal devices. Students may still use a desktop or laptop computer to access Schoology. But for some versions of the application, students can even download content to work offline. Recent enhancements to the application include SMS notifications, integration with Google Drive and other services, a library of shared resources, and a question importer for tests and quizzes.

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