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Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom Money Transfer is an application that allows you to send money, recharge phones and pay bills in 70 countries. This is a service provided by Paypal that is useful to those who wish to send money to their friends and family members around the world quickly and easily.

Xoom Money Transfer offers you a multitude of services
Xoom is a secure tool that allows you to send money directly to banks and money collection points abroad. This is a safe and more recent alternative to veteran platforms such as Western Union or MoneyGram. In practical terms, Xoom Money Transfer allows you:
• Send money by providing your recipient's name as it appears on the user's ID and address and phone number. In the case of a bank deposit, the name and account number must be entered;
• To pay invoices by entering the name of the service company as it appears on the invoice;
• Purchase units for your telephone communication by providing a telephone number of your recipient and its full name.

Xoom Money Transfer customers can send their money via their mobile phone, tablet or PC. Xoom's service fees vary depending on the country, the country to which you are transferring money, your source of financing, the currency of payment and the total amount of the transfer.

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