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Who hasn't been bothered while surfing on his computer to be flooded with ads, to receive several pop-ups, to have to watch an ad before your content? That's the point of using an ad blocker when browsing.

Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser is an application you can download from Android and IOS ( Google Play Store, App Store), unfortunately it is still not available on Windows at the moment. It has been developed by eyeo GmbH , the same creators who developed the famous Adblock.

This application helps prevent the ads that abound on the Web from polluting your experience. You won't be tracked by advertisers anymore, you'll avoid viruses hidden behind fake ads, your browsing will be safer and also faster! You will no longer waste your time and your Internet package by not loading all those ads.

The goal of Adblock Browser is to provide a smooth, secure and uninterrupted web experience without spontaneous ad interruptions, all on mobile devices. Of course, ad content allows you to pay the content creators, and if you choose to support them you can modulate the ad blocking to leave the non-intrusive ones or those of the creators you want to support.

You want to download Adblock Browser on Windows 10 ? Act !

Eyeo GmbH doesn't seem to want to develop this application on PC... but that's no reason to give up ! Would you like to download and install Adblock Browser on Windows 10? Vote for this app on WishApplist! After a certain number of votes, we will contact the publisher to let them know that many of you want to download it. The more of us who ask for it, the more likely it is to land on PC! You can also login to your account to be alerted when this app is available.

The WishApplist team reached out to Eyeo GmbH for information on the arrival of Adblock Browser on PC. Here's what they told us.

Reply from Eyeo GmbH (2021-01-09)


Thank you for your email. As of right now we only offer mobile browser.

ABP Support Team
eyeo GmbH

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  • The application is already online on Windows and you would like to send us the link so that we can download it?

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