Published by Comelit Group S.p.a., Comelit is a solution that allows you to monitor your property remotely. It is available on the main mobile platforms.

Comelit, the solution to better secure your home

Easy to download, Comelit allows you to receive calls from the entrance of your property, wherever you are. In other words, even if you are not at home, you can see who wants to enter your home and give them access to your building or not. The application also allows you to view the video recordings of your security system's cameras, including the camera placed at the entrance or at the intercom. You can then view them later to make sure you didn't miss anything. With this tool, you can also view video messages recorded by visitors in case of missed calls.

Visitors can leave you a video message if they are unavailable. You can also contact your system's internal devices from the Comelit application, give access to your gate, doors, and even turn on the lights to simulate a presence at home. You can also see live what's going on in your home and enable push notifications to be alerted in case of a missed call. This allows you to save energy and mobile data. By installing this application on your mobile device, you will enjoy all the benefits of an intercom at your fingertips.

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