Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World, the game where you are the villain. Participate in the extinction of the human species by becoming the most voracious shark of all time. Whether it's fish, birds or humans on the 7 seas, don't be picky and enjoy! The long-awaited sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution, by Ubisoft Studios and Shark Wheel Games, is finally available.

Become a marine enthusiast

With its endless open worlds, its ever more original accessories and evolutions and its dozens of different sharks, this application will have something to satisfy your voracity. You will finally be able to be the king of the oceans by becoming the biggest shark in the world, and the number one predator of humans devouring everything in your path. Take part in fantastic quests to quench your thirst for power and fresh meat to become even bigger, even stronger, even more evil, even more immortal.

With more different modes (super size, gold rush, hypnosis and more surprises), more challenges and more fun in your shark's actions and possibilities, this new Hungry Shark will become your new favorite game on your phone or PC. Available on the main mobile platforms, but not yet on PC, download without further delay this application that will make you cross the 7 seas from one side to the other without leaving a crumb.

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