Shazam is currently one of the most popular applications in the world. It allows more than 100 million people to regularly identify pieces of music, track lyrics and explore music of different genres. Shazam is available as an application for iOS and Android.

Shazam, a tool to live your passion for music

With the Shazam smartphone application, you can recognize almost any song in seconds. The application is free of charge for all operating systems and allows you to recognise music via an Internet connection. The application has a visual recognition device that works like a QR code reader.

It is easy to identify a piece of music with Shazam. After installation, simply hold your microphone as close as possible to the sound source. The display on your smartphone will then give you information about the artist, title, album, musical genre, label, a photo of each song or album of the track or video in question. Whatever the conditions, Shazam is able to recognize a song. Even with poor sound quality or strong background noise, the application provides you with reliable results. Once Shazam has recognised a song, you get a slightly longer sound sample of the song and download links to other music services such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. All in all, Shazam effectively solves the old problem of guessing the title of a randomly heard song.

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