HP ePrint

Hp Eprint is a free application that falls under the category Productivity. It is effective in securing corporate mobile printing. If you download this application, you can easily print from tablets or phones from different networks connected to the printer.

Hp-eprint enables the user to use unique codes while printing to guarantee the printed material’s privacy. When you download this hp-eprint app, for you to successfully use it, you must sign up on the HP EPrint center. When your device is registered, a special email addressed will be generated. The email address can be changed, though, for security reasons, it is advisable to use the automatically generated email.

How it Works ?

  • Open the application, HP ePrint, which you downloaded on your phone, and choose the content to print.
  • Review the available network printers and select your preferred printer.
  • If the printer location is public, use the automatic geographic search of the app and select the location; in the search bar, you can also enter keywords to refine the search.
  • Go to the selected network printer and pick your printouts. For public printing, the HP Eprint will tell you where you will get your printouts.

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