Amino is a social network that allows its members to publish content dedicated to very specific topics. The app is organized as a community where fans can discuss their favorite topics while having access to many features.

Amino, a crucible for fan communities
Social networks are based on the principle of community. As an application dedicated to communication, they allow to structure the links and to bring the users around countless topics of discussion. Although the Amino application does not completely stand out from this concept, its particularity lies in the fact that it targets a specific audience and welcomes its members according to their interests.
On Amino, there are thousands of groups and communities dedicated to each subject, from fashionable music to sporting, philosophical or trendy news topics. The platform gives the opportunity to the user to be able to:
• Establish a profile to better inform members about who you are and what your interests are;
• Create a blog and publish content on a given theme hoping for feedback;
• Create wikis or mini profiles where you can write about things you like;
• Create a discussion group ("public chats" or private chats) to interact directly with the members of the group;
• Conduct polls and quizzes on topics of your choice.

Amino is organized around a strict privacy policy that promotes the safeguarding of members' personal information. It allows you to discover the world in a community that shares your tastes.

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