Snapseed is a free image editing program that is currently one of the most indispensable for iPhone. It allows you to work on for example the resolution, colors, sharpness and brightness of an image with stunning results.

How to use Snapseed?

Snapseed is a free Google image-editing application for Android and iOS. Developed by NIK Software, it offers a variety of color and text design suggestions to customize your images. With Snapseed, professionals and individuals can perform all kinds of standard editing operations to customize their images. They can align, crop, adjust contrast, brightness or saturation level of their images. But even more complex actions, such as perspective correction, are part of the application's portfolio, along with effect filters. To open a photo, simply tap on the screen. Snapseed asks for the first time to access the photo gallery on your smartphone or tablet. The main menu opens via the pencil-shaped button in the lower right-hand corner and gives you access to several filter functions. With Snapseed, you can also insert text into your images.

Snapseed also provides a version with which the Windows operating system can work. However, this version is not free and you can purchase it on your PC for a 15-day trial. Of course, you will discover on the paid version more options with the frame function and other options for editing your photos that have been improved compared to the iOS edition.

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