ŠKODA Connect

ŠKODA Connect is a new application that allows you to control your car via your smartphone or connected watch. You can access all the functions of your car remotely. This is a revolutionary application developed and offered by the Czech brand ŠKODA. ŠKODA is used to producing cutting-edge technologies and inventions for cars.

ŠKODA Connect: features and benefits

With ŠKODA Connect, you will have absolute control over your car. Simply download the mobile app to your smartphone. You can download it from the App Store. But ŠKODA Connect is also available on Google Play. It is also possible to control your car using your connected watch. However, this option is only available on iOS. On the other hand, you can't install ŠKODA Connect on your PC yet. The publisher has not provided for compatibility of this application with Windows and Mac. In any case, the mobile version is still convenient for controlling your vehicle anywhere and at any time.

ŠKODA Connect offers many advantages. First of all, you can check from your smartphone whether your car is locked. You can lock the car using the app. Secondly, geolocation is available to find your car in no time. Your app also allows you to find free parking spaces quickly. In addition, easily activate your car's air conditioning system with ŠKODA Connect. Finally, you can check the status of your fuel tank, tyre pressure, oil, etc. In short, ŠKODA Connect will make it much easier to maintain your car.

You want to download ŠKODA Connect on Windows 10 ? Act !

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. doesn't seem to want to develop this application on PC... but that's no reason to give up ! Would you like to download and install ŠKODA Connect on Windows 10? Vote for this app on WishApplist! After a certain number of votes, we will contact the publisher to let them know that many of you want to download it. The more of us who ask for it, the more likely it is to land on PC! You can also login to your account to be alerted when this app is available.

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