Your smart watch allows you to monitor your physical activity and synchronize the quality of your sleep? It is through the VeryFitPro application that you have the possibility to control and watch this data? Let's see what features it offers.

VeryFitPro to monitor your physical activity

Many features are available on your smartwatch. Thanks to VeryFitPro, the associated application, you can follow your sports activity, display the measurements taken, the distance traveled, etc... The application allows you to monitor your heart rate and general health. It also has a special function: an alarm to wake up well in the morning with intelligent notifications. It can also monitor calorie consumption in real time.

Then let this activity data be recorded and you'll get a good understanding of your physical health. The bracelet will vibrate to warn you if your phone receives a message, a phone call, including Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Simply open the "sedentary alert" function and it will vibrate to remind you to stop by when you are in your chair for too long.

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