Garmin Smartphone Link

Smartphone Link is a free application that allows your Garmin-compatible browser to wirelessly connect to your compatible Bluetooth compatible smartphone. Once connected, drivers have access to many additional features to help them in their journey.

Why use Garmin Smartphone Link?

Garmin Smartphone Link is an application that provides you with real-time information on traffic status (through surveillance cameras), weather, and much more after you have connected a compatible Garmin browser to your smartphone. Once your browser is coupled wirelessly to your compatible phone, you can easily receive smart notifications from your phone directly on your navigation screen. You can also receive text messages, calendar reminders, and other alerts from your favorite apps while your phone is safely stored. The application can even extract the details of the address of your Smartphone contacts and send the location information transparently directly to your navigation device. When your browser receives the address information, it will direct you to that address if you wish.

Most of the services of the Garmin smartphone link application are offered by simple connection to smartphone link. Other services within the application are available through optional pay subscriptions offering premium content and enhanced features.

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