NETGEAR Nighthawk

NETGEAR Nighthawk is a free mobile application for easy setup and use of your Wi-Fi router. It is developed by NETGEAR, Inc.

For a more accessible and secure network

From the installation of the Wi-Fi router to the management of the Internet network, NETGEAR Nighthawk guides the user through the control of the connection and all its settings. One connects the smartphone with Nighthawk to the router's network and then configures the home network. The application allows you to manage all the Wi-Fi settings in the home, and even create a special Wi-Fi for guests. There is access to the network status (such as internal traffic or connection rates) as well as all the useful information for the Internet connection. NETGEAR Nighthawk allows you to see all the devices connected to the network, and to turn off the Wi-Fi on each of these devices. It is also possible to set up parental controls or subscribe to a cyber security service from this application.

NETGEAR Nighthawk can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS operating system) and the Google Play Store (Android operating system). NETGEAR Nighthawk cannot be downloaded using the Windows system on a PC; however, logging into your personal MyNETGEAR account via a web browser is perfectly fine for access on a PC.

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