Hay Day

Hay Day is a freemium mobile farming game developed and published by Supercel. It leads you to build your own city and welcome visitors in a green environment full of challenges. In 2013, Hay Day was the fourth game in terms of revenue generated.

Hay Day, go to the farm with family and friends

Hay Day is a game that allows you to return to nature and live the simple life of working the land. The scenario of the game is as follows: the player's uncle is no longer able to take care of his farm, so he leaves the responsibility of taking care of the farm to the player. The game allows you to explore an idyllic world - a world where it doesn't rain, but where the crops never wither. You are invited to explore the greenery in the company of eccentric animals to create an unusual farm. Among the features of the game, you have the possibility to :

  • Enlarge and customize your farm;
  • Buy and sell your fresh produce to your neighbors and friends via your shop;
  • Prepare orders for delivery by truck or steamboat;
  • Repair your landing stage and cast your bait to stock up on fish;
  • Build your own town and welcome visitors.

Develop and customize your farm by exchanging crops and fresh produce with neighbours and friends via your own roadside shop on Hay Day. The application is available as a free iOS and Android download.

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