Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweld Classic offers fans of the famous series 3 game for smartphone, tablet or PC to find it in a high definition version.

Exclusive features of this new version

Bejeweled Classic offers a classic version of the original game. It also includes several variants with their own rules. For example, in the "Poker" version, the player has to make up a pair, a square or a straight. The player has the choice between testing his reflexes by playing against the clock or relaxing in a "zen" configuration.

Bejeweled Classic also features new features such as Boost and Super-boost modes to increase the score tenfold with each new line-up. In addition, the player can draw his own gems.

Bejeweled Classic also allows you to challenge social network friends in "versus" mode games. It is possible to play with strangers from Apple's Game Center application. Victories result in trophies being unlocked and the players with the highest scores are listed in a ranking available online.

How do I get Bejeweled Classic?

The game is simple to install on your computer. It is offered on the website of its developer Electronics Arts and runs on all versions of Windows and Apple operating systems as well as Linux. It is also possible to play it from Facebook by filling in your profile details. Bejeweled Classic on smartphone is available on Google Play and iOS Store to work with Android and iOS. Finally, the game is free of charge but has paid options to download.

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