Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is a software designed for mobile devices that helps users to automate clicks on their screen.

What are the features of Auto Clicker?

To start using Auto Clicker, you need to download the tool. Once the installation is complete, it needs to be manually configured. This consists of defining the points to be pressed on the screen, hence the customization. However, you have the option to rely on a default mode. The scripts can be saved and reused at any time.

In concrete terms, the scripts are the parameters you have already set up. They take into account the click frequency as well as the order of the zones to be pressed. You have the right to set up a single or a multi-click mode. Just scan the screen and draw patterns with your fingertips. You are free to set the necessary walking time. The software will count down with its built-in timer.

The use of the Auto Clicker application does not require root permission. A control panel is visible on the screen. It is floating and a simple touch will start the tool. The button also stops the task. The tool is equipped with an option called anti-detection. This means that it works discreetly without causing any visual disturbance. The program can be used during a video game session.

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