Yamaha Network Controller

Yamaha Network Controller is an application that gives you the ability to control your Yamaha network player. This can be done from an Android device via a LAN cable. It has various features. In order to enjoy it, you should already consider downloading it.

In general, this tool is especially dedicated to a network player. Thanks to it, you will be able to listen to the Internet radio by selecting it via the application. In this way, when it is connected to the Internet environment, the network player automatically plays it. In addition, you can change the configurations of your network player. Once it is done, you could check them by yourself. What's even more awesome about this tool is its music playback feature. It allows you to stream your music tracks directly from your smartphone. As for its privacy policy, it will not collect data that you would classify as personal.

Also, if you want to download it, Yamaha Network Controller is available on Android. Unfortunately, it is not available on iOS or Windows PC. Its design was the idea of Yamaha Corporation and its team. However, it should be noted that to fully enjoy its various features, you need to establish a Wi-fi connection that would suit all your devices.

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