Developed in South Korea, Simsimi is a leisure application. Using artificial intelligence, it presents itself as the avatar of Simsimi, a small chick with changing expressions, round and yellow, with whom you can simply engage in conversation.

An application that has a response

Very popular in North America, where it is the most downloaded application, especially on IOs, Simsimi is available in several languages. Once you download it, all you have to do is start a conversation and ask it all the questions that interest you. With more than eleven million answers in its repertoire, Simsimi is also capable of learning personalized answers that will then be available to other users. Its database is thus enriched daily by the use of thousands of people around the world.

Another advantage of Simsimi is that it is completely free. Designed for entertainment, it will allow you to chat for hours with your own little avatar. You'll quickly have fun searching for the most unexpected answers to your questions and coming up with wacky retorts to other users' questions yourself. If you are annoyed by one of his answers, you can also set him up so that you don't receive any more of these answers.

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