Paint By Number

Paint By Number is a coloring application for adults that lets you discover the pleasure of art in the form of a game. It is a very relaxing and well-organized application with themes for all tastes.

Paint By Number, your free coloring book

Paint By Number is an artistic drawing game designed to colour modern artworks with a number colouring system. With this application, painting has never been so easy and fun. Choose from a variety of images and take the opportunity to assemble a unique work of art. The application offers many advantages including :

  • A wide variety of original images and new pages to color according to specific themes such as: animals, characters, beautiful flowers, beautiful places and many other different themes ;
  • The simplicity and ease of painting by numbers and the use of the applications use tricks to find tiny hard-to-find cells;
  • Bright colors to bring the paintings to life and create the brightest colorations in the game;
  • Quick sharing: the user can publish illustrations to be colored on all social networks.

In addition to the practical benefits, it has been scientifically proven that a dedicated painting application such as this one reduces anxiety, creates concentration and promotes mindfulness. Once completed, you can share masterpieces with friends and family, enjoy colouring in numbers and beautiful artwork together. The application is available for iOS and Android platforms and is free to download.

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