Rainbow Alcatel is an application that was released in December 2016. It is specially designed to facilitate real-time collaboration between its users. The interaction between them thus becomes much faster and fluid from chat, video or even during file sharing as well as video with amazing practicality.

What are the main features of Rainbow?

Rainbow is an application with additional collaboration options that can be used from anywhere. This means that users can join meetings from a device of their choice regardless of their location. This open platform is based on unified communication including APls.

Rainbow is not just a sharing system or a simple messaging system. It's also the solution that leverages the latest technologies to effectively integrate into the applications and workflows that exist within an organization. It minimizes user disruption while solving problems for all customers. With Rainbow, data security is guaranteed efficiently, even during transfers.

Easy to deploy, Rainbow is an add-on solution that provides many interesting features such as telephone presence, contact management, text chat and more. To use Rainbow, users must download it from the openrainbow.com website. It can be used from a browser, from a web cloud service. Rainbow is available on Windows PC, Android or Ios.

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