Published by Black Envelope Development, Loopz - Best Drum Loops! is a powerful and easy-to-use drum machine and metronome. Easy to download, the application is currently only available for Android users.

Loopz - Best Drum Loops! your drum machine

Loopz - Best Drum Loops! is an ideal tool for music lovers and professionals. It runs drum loops and allows you to compose sounds based on them. Its drum engine is intelligently designed to allow you to adjust the speed as you wish. The same goes for the BPM of each groove.

This feature makes practicing even more fun. You will have fun while improving your timing. Unlike other rhythm utilities, Loopz - Best Drum Loops! is highly appreciated for the absence of an annoying metronome. The application offers you a real drum set with a human feel. The utility can also help you compose your own song.

Have you ever followed a hit song without a good rhythm in the background? Moreover, you can filter the beats according to the music style, time signature and tempo of your choice. From a rock song to hip-hop, from classical music to jazz, everything is possible with this tool. All you have to do is download it.

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