Managing this month's salary is a real challenge for thousands of workers. If you are struggling to limit your expenses and manage your income, a personal finance software such as Quicken will undoubtedly interest you.

Manage your finances with Quicken

Quicken is a financial management application to download from Google Play. It provides accurate data on income, expenses and balances. It records the history of all your transactions. So you will know exactly and see every penny you receive or pay. This app is compatible with Android smartphones, but also for iOS devices. It's also available for Windows and Mac computers. Using a single ID, data will be synchronized on your mobile and computer at the same time.

Once the application is downloaded to a smartphone or PC, you need to create a Quicken account. An ID will allow the user to access their financial statements and also to make any necessary changes. You will be asked to enter a password to ensure optimal security of your data. At the same time, 256-bit encryption ensures the protection of your information.

The application is linked to your individual bank accounts. It offers various calculations to give you exact values on the status of your portfolio. You can also pay your bills using Quicken. The program offers an interesting storage capacity to keep receipts and invoices related to each transaction.

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