PayMaya is an online platform that offers its users an online payment account with an application to make purchases in stores and shopping centers or online stores what online. It is a secure application that offers users a rechargeable mobile wallet. It is primarily intended for entrepreneurs and freelancers who conduct online transactions.

PayMaya, a safe and fast transaction tool

PayMaya works like a prepaid virtual debit card, which you can use to pay for items and bills online. You can use the app to make online purchases, buy games and applications for mobile or PC, pay bills or send money to your loved ones. Other features of the application include fund transfer management, transportation billing and shipment planning, and slot reservation for banking transactions. PayMaya also offers you the possibility to receive exclusive benefits such as discounts in restaurants and promotion sites. The application also allows you to receive real-time SMS notifications for each transaction and keeps a record that is automatically updated in its registry.

PayMaya is a free and secure application that offers users a rechargeable mobile wallet at will. PayMaya can be used to pay anywhere Visa or MasterCard cards are accepted and you do not need to use a credit card. The application is available on Google Play and compatible with Windows 10/8/7 / Xp / Vista as well as PC MAC.

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