Zepeto is an application proposed by Naver Z Corporation. It will allow you to create an avatar and then you will be able to interact with other users around the world. To enjoy Zepeto, all you need to do is download a mobile version suitable for your operating system. It is designed for Android and iOS smartphones. The software is not available on a Windows PC unless you use an emulator.

What are the features of Zepeto?

After installing Zepeto, you should customize your avatar through two methods. First, it is possible to take a selfie. Your face is then inserted on a 3D body. The second approach is to draw a character by relying on the default tools of the application. You can, for example, put on a cap or choose the colors of your hair. At first, customizations are limited to a few clothes and accessories. However, you can buy other equipment in the shop by earning gold. To do this, you need to complete challenges. It should be noted that you could have another avatar that will have different parameters.

A person can talk with the members of the network through a chat tab. Once you find a friend, you can complete challenges together. There are also mini-games you could try if you are connected simultaneously. Throughout the adventure, the person can explore a variety of unlimited maps. They are even allowed to build a virtual world to invite your friends. The avatar of the software can be exported to abundant messaging platforms and social networks.

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