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Airdroid is an exclusive application that allows you to remotely manage and control your Smartphone from your computer. Exclusive to Android, the program offers features of great convenience such as the transfer of files from one device to another, remote control and sending SMS.

A remote control application based on AirMirror technology
Airdroid is the newest and best app for those who want to access their Android device from their laptop or desktop. This program is the best solution to manage devices from a computer during a trip. Thanks to Airdroid, you will be able to:
• Play mobile games installed on your mobile or on your computer;
• Troubleshoot remote phone problems by connecting to your computer;
• Transfer files (documents, photos, music or APK files) without USB cable, whether your devices are connected to the same network or not;
• View your device screen, stream your live games to demonstrate apps on your computer;
• Start the camera from your device remotely;
• Locate the phone and erase all data to protect your privacy.
In short, Airdroid is an easy way to share or review the contents of your mobile device with your PC. The application is ideal if you want to easily access the internal memory of your smartphone or its SD card on a foreign computer.

You want Airdroid on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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