Momio is an application designed in the form of a social network, but intended for the initiation of children. The application is a safe space for under 18s who can customize it as they wish.

Momio, an application designed for children who want to get in touch

Momio is a social network for children. On Momio, children can chat, share thoughts and photos, watch videos and express their personality using their avatars. The goal is to prepare children for large social networks. The use of the Momio application is governed by many rules. For example, foul language, bullying, attacks of any kind, or content of a sexual nature are not allowed. The security feature of the application analyzes everything that is written and published on Momio and filters out inappropriate content, which is then checked by our employees. If a child breaks these rules, a police officer named "Jack" sends a message explaining what is wrong and why the user is subject to sanctions. The reason for this is simple, because Momio wants to be a healthy space for children.

That's also why the application guarantees the confidentiality of user information. Momio kids have usernames, so they don't have to share their real names with anyone. All Momio users are anonymous. In addition, Momio content cannot be found in search engines. Finally, using Momio is free. No one has to spend real money on Momio to be part of the community or to take it to the next level.

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