SM Educamos Familias

SM Educamos Familias is an application that aims to connect a parent to their child's school online. Thus, from his mobile phone, the parent is informed 24 hours a day of everything that concerns the school life of his child.

Bringing the school closer to the parents with SM Educamos Familias

Developed by sm educamos, the SM Educamos Familias application is functional on both Android and iOS systems. Every parent can download it for free from Google Play and the Apple Store. In the absence of this version, the application can also run on a PC via an Android emulator that must be downloaded and installed beforehand.

Thanks to SM Educamos Familias, parents can access in real time any information they consider interesting at any given time about their child's school life. For example, the parent knows the class schedule, the subjects taught, the course of classes, the names and photos of his child's teachers.

Similarly, the parent monitors the homework done by his or her child as well as the grades obtained by the child. In addition, they have access to the report cards. SM Educamos Familias also has a push notification that informs the parent at any time of any news or events coming from their child's school.

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