Bell Fibe TV

The Bell Fibe TV app allows users to watch live and on-demand content on their Smartphone, tablet or PC. Proposed by Canada's national telecommunications provider Bell, the application is only available to Fibe and Aliant TV subscribers using the Fibe TV app in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, although downloads may be available. viewed from anywhere in the world.

Bell Fibe TV, the Canadian Netflix
Bell Fibe TV is a Canadian application that allows you to watch more than 500 live and on-demand channels at home and more than 450 on the go on all your mobile devices. The app gives you access to your favorite shows from your phone, tablet and computer at no extra cost and with just Wi-Fi.
In addition, using Bell Fibe TV means being able to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control and transfer all content to your computer. You'll also be able to make TV recordings, watch them offline and without Wi-Fi. This is the Bell TV Fibe TV Download and Go function that is similar to the Netflix "Download" feature. This feature is however only available on mobile devices and not on PCs.
As with most video content, watching TV with the Bell Fibe TV app will count for the data included in your mobile plan. Additional data charges may apply.

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