Black Box Movies

Black Box Movie is a simple and efficient way to manage and especially stream your collection of movies and TV shows. Create listings of all the works in your possession or create a wish list of what you want to buy or watch later!

Advanced features

In addition to streaming, the application provides access to a wealth of information from the renowned IMDb website. Display details such as director, release date, castings, studio, anecdotes... in your offline work list. It also contains a "News and Media" section that provides users with information on various film events happening around the world. Some of these news items are detailed on all the newly released films, TV shows and plays that are very popular with Internet users.

To sum up, Black Box Movie gives you access to streaming movies and shows, all the information about the works, all their images, posters and trailers. Organize, sort and annotate the works, share them on social networks and keep up to date with news and events around the world or in your region.

The application offers a free version, but if you want to take advantage of all the services it offers, you can choose one of the built-in subscriptions to get premium access. The subscription also eliminates advertising. You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription, and you can deactivate the subscription at any time.

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