SAFAR Air is an application by the Indian government to provide one to three days advance forecast for air quality and related health. It is the first 100% Indian mobile app service to provide up-to-date 1-3 day forecasts for air quality and related health.

SAFAR Air to stay informed on the vagaries of time

SAFAR Air app (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting) is an Indian prediction and awareness service designed to track the air quality system and make weather forecasts. The app is an integral part of India’s first operational air quality early warning system in Delhi. It allows you to monitor all weather parameters such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction. SAFAIR Air provides constantly updated data on many Indian cities. It supports several languages ​​spoken in India (English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati) and has an integrated and advanced audio system. Excellent voice service functionality has been added to listen to information by clicking the speaker button.

SAFAR also helps to raise awareness and prepare the public for air pollution and extreme weather conditions. It will therefore allow them to better understand the links between their daily habits and the impact on the environment and climate. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve appropriate mitigation and systematic measures capable of improving the air quality and related health problems that are legion in India.

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