BDO Unibank

BDO Unibank SG is an application offered by BDO Bank of Makati in the Philippines. Like any banking application, it allows you to make transactions on your account online.

Features and description of the BDO Unibank SG application

The Unibank SG programme gives you the means to send money for yourself or for other BDO Unibank Singapore accounts. It allows you to view the history of your various transactions. The Unibank SG software also gives you the possibility to check the amount in your savings account, term deposits and cheques. Authentication before use is done by fingerprinting, for example. The security of your account is therefore high.

In the new version of the application, many errors have been corrected. The first correction concerned online registration. Bugs concerning the display of transactions have also been corrected. The Unibank SG developers have also made adjustments to the bookmark management. Users can now easily change the nickname of their accounts, whether on PC or mobile, thanks to the error corrections. The corrections made by the designers on the Unibank SG software have made it possible to offer better beneficiary management.

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